WP Intro.JS – A WordPress Plugin

WP Intro.JS plugin allows you to easily add tours or tutorials to your site (front-end or back-end admin pages) using Intro.JS. Additionally, hint pips are available to be displayed. Almost every feature within Intro.JS has been implemented.

When new users visit your website or product you should demonstrate your product features using a step-by-step guide. Even when you develop and add a new feature to your product, you should be able to represent them to your users using a user-friendly solution. Intro.js is developed to enable web and mobile developers to create a step-by-step introduction easily.

Perfect Round Timer 2.0

The most versatile Round Timer; prepare and rest rounds, visual timer, and more!

This round timer has no limits. Unlimited number of rounds, unlimited length of prepare, work, and rest rounds. Fully customize-able with ability to change colors, text, display, sounds, vibrate and more.

Designed for use with Boxing, MMA, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, and by request Teachers for special needs instruction.

Most importantly, no permissions required!


Dartitis provides the ultimate in dart throwing analysis.

With its one-of-a-kind heatmap tracking where your darts land to its non-standard game modes, Dartitis will help you break through your rough period and enhance your dart game.

Dartitis not only helps with your physical game, but your mental game with X01 out flash cards reducing your stress at the oche!